NATURESCAPE explores what five nature enthusiasts who live in the city do to bring nature into their lives. Using NYC and its outskirts, these people find their own way to reconnect with the outdoors.

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Ret Taylor: Part 1

Ret Taylor
A business owner and outdoor athlete who has turned NYC into an exercise playground.

Dorothy Kucar: Part 2

Dorothy Kucar
An adventurer interested in the physical, but also mentally stimulating aspects nature can offer.

Lance Madson: Part 3

Lance Madson
A guy who decided to walk away from the corporate world for a little while to hike the entire Appalachian Trail.

Bob Susser: Part 4

Bob Susser
A hiking leader for the Appalachian Mountain Club, Bob brings groups outdoors to enjoy nature.

Marie Stile: Part 5

Marie Stile
A fine artist inspired by the Catskills.

Stavros Basis (Climb On Creative)

Emily Driscoll

Joseph Epik (Voice of Djinn)

Patrick Murphy

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